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TERRY: I would love to pump that sweet ass of hers and make her squeal with pain, (referring to my daughter)
WILLY: yeah! I’d like to tie her up and pound her juicy shaven cunt,
TERRY: yeah! or make her suck my cock,
WILLY: or better still, make her give me a titty wank,

They laughed as they continued making hand gestures indicating my daughters breasts, or slapping motions, as if they were riding her from behind, this was seriously turning me on, Just then I heard one of them say, “ let’s go down to her and see if she needs us to rub sun lotion on her back”, this made my stomach heavy with arousal, ‘what were they going to do with my daughter?’, I didn’t know but I was sure going to film it, and I left the room to get my camcorder complete with tripod and a couple of beers, when I got back they were already in my back garden, the two of them slowly walking up to my practically naked teenage daughter, ‘ the wolves were about to attack their prey’, then I noticed one of them had some tent pegs and some rope in their back pockets, Rebecca hadn’t noticed either of them as she lay there on her stomach dozing, my camcorder was set on its tripod and the filming had begun, I began to feel a pang of guilt, I was after all her father, but there was another side of me, the ‘man’ side that wanted to see her innocent face get buried in the laps of these seedy builders, Rebecca’s mother left 3 years ago and I hadn’t been laid in a year, so I was in need of some ‘relief’, I watched as Terry the oldest of the two kneeled down beside Rebecca,
“ Oh my god” she screamed as she got to her knees, her tits were bouncing as she cupped them with her arms, she was kneeling between the two Murphy bros’, “ easy” said Terry, “ everything’s fine, we just wondered if you needed us to rub sun lotion on your back, we noticed you from next door” said Terry trying to look sincere, Rebecca looked around and saw Willy checking out her ass, “ um no, that is…I’m fine, thank you” said my daughter startled, her voice was shaking, “ you’re home alone aren’t you?” said Terry trying to be casual, “ uh no, my dad’s inside” said Rebecca also trying to be casual (she was clearly nervous), I ducked behind the curtain as she pointed at the house whilst covering her breasts with one arm, “ you’re lying, he’s at the pub, everyone knows he’s an alcoholic, he’s there at the pub right now, and your all alone” said Terry, his voice had changed now, it was lower and unsettling, “ listen I have neighbors…” said Rebecca sounding scared, “they’re gone on holidays for a fortnight, they won’t be back any time soon, and there’s no one else for miles around” said Willy his tone matched Terry’s, It was true there was just my house and the neighbors we were pretty secluded where we lived, “please I don’t want any trouble, please leave!” said Rebecca, “ I don’t think so!” said Terry smiling, Rebecca rushed to her feet and tried to run for the house but was tripped by Willy, she fell to the ground, face-first her ass in the air, “ OW, that had to hurt” laughed Willy, Terry grinned and said “ well, she’s in the right position anyway” and started to laugh as well, My dick was pulsating at the sight of my scantily clad sex-bomb of a daughter, there she was, face down in the ground being humbled by the well-built skinhead builders, Rebecca started to cry, and the Murphy bros’ leaned down presumably to help her up, I was wrong, They caught her arms, one each and tied them behind her back with rope, Rebecca screamed but there was nothing she could do, Willy made a collar from another piece of rope and tightened it around her neck, tying the other end to the wooden steak and driving it into the ground, ‘They had captured their prey’ she was at their mercy, I sipped my beer with anticipation of what was to come, “ she’s bagged n’ tagged” roared Willy delighted “ now what?”, “ now” said Terry “we brand her!” his eyes gleamed with lust, Terry stepped out of sight for a few moments and returned with a soldering iron, plugged into a long extension cord, He fired the soldering iron up and held it in his hand, grabbing my daughters ass with the other, “ burn baby burn” he jeered as he burned a large M on my daughter’s tight and beautiful ass, She roared with the pain, “ that’s it, scream bitch, your our property now you slut! We own you!” said Willy laughing “ and we’re going to fuck you!” added Terry grinning, I started yanking on my dick again, this was getting seriously kinky Porn Pros – Antonio. DADDY’S SUNKISSED BITCH

I was just in the front door of my house after returning from a Sunday drink at my local and had gone into my room to change into lighter clothes when I peered out the window at my sweet little girl Rebecca as she sunbathed on our back lawn, Rebecca was my beautiful 16 year old girl, She had blonde hair, a slim toned body with well developed big breasts and an ass like a peach, She had a pretty face, big blue eyes, pouted lips and was the picture of innocence except for the white two piece thong swimsuit she was wearing, I gazed at her skimpy bathing top and wondered ‘how could something that skimpy hold my little girls big fleshy breasts without snapping, She had the bathing suit for two years now and hadn’t bothered buy a new one, her breasts were practically exploding out of the thin material never mind her g-string which was far too tight for her slim curvy figure, She turned on to her stomach and untied the back of her top so she wouldn’t have tan lines on her back, her skin was golden brown and shining in the heat of the sun, Her g-string disappeared into her ass crack and from even a few feet away she looked completely naked, she looked like a porn star, as I thought this she pushed herself up on her knees and arched her back pushing her heavenly ass cheeks out making them more prominent as her breasts bounced in the light warm breeze, I felt my cock stiffen as I watched ‘was she putting on a show for me? Her own father?’ I stuck my head out the window and looked around and there was my answer, the Murphy boys, Terry and Willy, they were ogling my little girl from the scaffolding next door, they weren’t our neighbors, but they were builders doing an extension for my neighbors, Rebecca hadn’t seen them she was simply changing the CD in her Discman, it was a Sunday and she assumed they wouldn’t be there, My innocent little baby unknowingly being ogled by them as she was positioned on all fours virtually naked like a lamb being stalked by two wolves, strangely this made me extremely aroused, I reached into my pants and started playing with myself, I couldn’t help myself as I stared at my little girl who was unaware that she was being mentally ridden by the Murphy bros’, I looked at them, they were both naked from the waist up, they were both tanned and had lean muscle and hardened six-packs, they had tattoo’s on their muscular arms and shaved heads, they looked like twins but I knew terry was one year older, they were both in their early twenties, they took out their camera phones and started taking snaps if my still unaware 16 year old girl, ‘ no doubt to send to their drinking buddies along with some lurid heading underneath’, I tugged harder on my cock I just couldn’t help it, I could just barely hear them talking, I listened had heard them say…………
Team Skeet - TeamSkeet Big tits brunette cheerleader teen Lizz Tayler hardcore big cock sex (5 min) 1

Team Skeet – TeamSkeet Big tits brunette cheerleader teen Lizz Tayler hardcore big cock sex (5 min)

Again, turning her head back, she laughed away and remarked, “ If all men where like you, what woman would ever need toilet paper?” After several strokes, the man cleaned her ass completely, Afterward, Ben pressed both ankles together so she could shackle them shut

Team Skeet - TeamSkeet Big tits brunette cheerleader teen Lizz Tayler hardcore big cock sex (5 min) 2

Team Skeet – TeamSkeet Big tits brunette cheerleader teen Lizz Tayler hardcore big cock sex (5 min)

I bit he inside of my cheek to stop myself crying out,

I gritted my teeth and hung onto the bar as my legs turned to jelly

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