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Before he even had a chance to finish what he was about to say he was sent flying by an invisible force, he struggled back to his feet just in time to see Lucifer with his hand on Celeste's neck
Jonah:- “Let her go and fight me one on one, prove to this whole camp that you aren't a coward”
Lucifer knew he had no choice now, if he didn't fight then the whole camp would see him as a coward and would never fear him again

Lucifer:- “You have a deal my dear boy, hope you are ready to die again”

Jonah:- “I won't be the one dying this time”

With that he raised his sword and charged, Lucifer saw the attack coming from a mile away and raised his sword to deflect the attack, Jonah was smarter than he looked as at the last second he changed his move and with a downward thrust stabbed Lucifer in the foot, It didn't do the damaged expected as Lucifer just stood there, he didn't even wince in pain, he jabbed a few times at Jonah before the clash of swords began, every attack was parried and blocked, both Lucifer and Jonah both landed a few cheap shots but both just kept on fighting, Jonah was wearing down though, with every strike, every block, his body felt weaker and weaker and it began showing, Lucifer was landing more and more shots on Jonah and bit by bit Jonah was losing, he kept fighting as best he could be he knew sooner or later Lucifer would wear him down to the point he wouldn't be able to carry on and then it would be too late, upon seeing how bad Jonah was doing Celeste decided to try help but as soon as she raised her dagger to attack Lucifer fired a black fire out of his hand and sent her crashing through the cabin wall causing the whole thing to collapse on top of her, seeing what had just happened caused Jonah to gain a hidden strength he never knew he had, he wasn't just fighting to save himself from death, he was now fighting with anger, hatred and despair, those three feelings caused him to go into a sort of overdrive giving him a short burst of renewed energy with a major increase in strength and speed, he was almost unstoppable as he struck Lucifer again and again never backing down once, he was finally winning and Lucifer was getting a little worried

Lucifer:- “Why do you keep fighting, i had you beaten but now Sexy Hub – [8k Full Hd]. ”

Jonah:- “Don't bother”

He was furious with her and he just wanted to get as far away from her as possible, he quickly jumped out of bed and was dressed and heading out the door before Celeste had a chance to stop him, now he thought about heading down to battlefield for a bit of training as it usually calmed him down but that would have to be put on hold as stood in the middle of the path was a creature Jonah had only ever seen in his wildest nightmares, this creature was bigger than he could of imagined, it was pitch black and had three heads, all three heads were faced towards Jonah, teeth bared and ready to attack

Jonah:- “You
Mrnastytimeeee doing Intercourse And Anal Porn Mesmerizing Pleasure 1

Mrnastytimeeee doing Intercourse And Anal Porn Mesmerizing Pleasure

When the time came to present what they'd found, the first little boy walked up to the front of the class made a small white dot on the blackboard and sat back down,

“It's a period,'' said the little boy

Mrnastytimeeee doing Intercourse And Anal Porn Mesmerizing Pleasure 2

Mrnastytimeeee doing Intercourse And Anal Porn Mesmerizing Pleasure

Josh stood still for a minute and thought about what he could do,

Liz ran her hand up and down his chest and on the side of his body

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