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Prostitute Girl Beautiful Fuck Each Other Sleep With Slave Orgasm 1

Prostitute Girl Beautiful Fuck Each Other Sleep With Slave Orgasm

harvey ripped open my shirt and i said “harvey!!!” “i cant help it babe i just want you badly” “i know you do babe but my closet cant take your sexual craving much longer” harvey laughed and we started kissing again i pulled harveys shirt off and undid his pants harvey updid my pants aswell harvey realli must have wanted me because he ripped my boxer shorts off to i decided to do the same but unfortunity harveys boxer short wont ripped so i decided to take them off with my teeth i toke harveys dick in my mouth and sucked in deeper and deeper i love the feeling of harveys dick it feel so tasty and gorgous i started deep throating harvey and i loved the way he moaned the more he moaned the faster i went harvey cummed in my mouth and it felt fantastic i drank his load and he sucked me off after i moaned so load i thought the police was going to come or something harvey laid on top of me and stuck his dick in it felt so good (it must have been a sin lol ) we was fucking for about a hour with are body sweating and feeling so good harvey cummed in my ass we laid there a little longer in each others arms naked then about a hour later we decided it was time to go home so we got dressed and got back in my car i light up and cigarrete and harvey asked if i would roll down the window i said “”sure babe”” when we got back to my house i asked my mom if it was okay for harvey to stay over the night she said it was fine so me and harvey went to my room and went and took a shower and climed into bed i said to harvey “lets play tell me something i dont know” harvey started and said “my birthday is independance day” i said “i speak 3 lanuages” harvey said “i like fashion” i smiled and said “really” harvey smiled and said “”yeah”” i said “kyle was my first” harvye looked down and i said “dont we jellous babe” harvey said “you was my first ever” i said “you was a virgin” harvey smiled and said “”yeah i was do that matter ?”” i smiled and touch his gorgous face “”and said of course not baby”” i laid down fully and so did harvey “”im partly colour blind”” harvey said “really babe what colors cant you see babe” “pink and yellow babe” i closed my eyes and harvey said “i love you” i smiled with my eyes still closed and i said “harvey that not something i dont know but i love you to baby so much” i have to confess the last time i spoke that sentance kyle was the boy that was in my bed but thing changed and thank goodness it was for the better “i want your red prada shirt” i said “you can have it babe” “really” i opened my eyes and said “”sure babe its a little out of fashion its a year old”” harvey moved a closer to me that are bodys was touching i started getting a little bit excited and harvey said “babe your getting hard do you want me to show it some attention” i smiled and said “maybe tomorrow babe im a little tired” harvey smiled and i said “goodnight baby boy i love you” harvey said “night baby i love you too” we kissed and went to bed in each others arms the next morning harvey woke me up and i hate being woken up harvey kepted repeating “babe” “harvey this best be important” i said in a just woke up and angry voice “i love you” “you woke me up for that, i love you too” saying that as i pulled the covers over my head harvey moved the covers from around my butt and slapped it “harvey piss off!!!” harvey climed back into bed and said “”cant you tell you not a morning person”” “”baby let me sleep”” “nope its like 1pm babe” “baby please” “okay baby but it not fair you using your cuteness on me” harvey said that i said “get undressed baby” harvey started undressing and got back into bed i said to him “you still got your boxer shorts on” “of course i have babe” “i think your a little over dressed” saying that as i was rubbing his crouch “i thought you wanted to sleep leon” kind of pissed he called me leon i said “i am tired HARVEY” over saying his name harvey looked at me with his gorgous eyes and once again i melted and said “baby hold me so i can go back to sleep faster please” harvey held my body like he was protecting me and i loved that feeling “want me to sing you to sleep babe” (now i love singing i can sing and i was so happy to hear harvey can too) i smiled and said “please babe” harvey already knowing my favourt classical song started singing green sleeve in my ear i loved the way he sang like it was effortless but he still sounded like a angel about 5 minutes later i was back to sleep in my babys arms

to be continued

((***mr lightmyfire i have answered you a few time now i am telling you without manners i will not take your virginity and harvey wont be taking it to!!!!!!!!!!!***))

Prostitute Girl Beautiful Fuck Each Other Sleep With Slave Orgasm 2

Prostitute Girl Beautiful Fuck Each Other Sleep With Slave Orgasm

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